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Shilling Leather

The Full Shilling Wallet - Handmade in Dublin

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Our Full Shilling Wallet is the pride of our workshop. Designed with every detail considered, this is the traditional wallet, redefined. Made from luxuriously soft and artisan-tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy, this product will get better with age as it develops its own unique patina from daily use. Designed to fit slimly in a pocket or neatly in your bag, this model featuring a quick access slot and space for 8+ cards and cash. Available in tan or dark brown.

Like all our products, the Full Shilling is made entirely by hand in Dublin, from cutting and conditioning to stamping and hand-stitching. Our aim is to produce heirloom quality goods that will last a lifetime.

As an extra little memento, all our wallets include an Irish pre-decimal shilling coin for good luck as you start your journey.