About Us

Shilling Leather - quality and character, crafted to last a lifetime.

At Shilling Leather, we believe that the little things we carry with us every day can make a difference. We can choose a product that is durable and has a story and local impact - a handmade product that has character, that can bring us little moments of delight and pride each day. The world has enough cheap materials and suspect fast-fashion, disposable wallets and belts that fall apart - we think it's time for change, so we started Shilling Leather.

Our products are made only with the finest quality Italian leather sourced from the traditional tanneries of Tuscany and every step of the making process is done by hand in Dublin - from leather cutting and conditioning to stamping and hand-stitching. We take pride in our products and processes with an uncompromising focus on heirloom quality, so that our products bring you years of satisfying daily use.

We believe in the power of producing locally, and the idea of creating something with a sense of place. Labhraítear Gaeilge anseo agus táimid bródúil as ár gcultúr. We're passionate about Ireland's artisan traditions and Dublin's creative community. Irish producers are known globally for their quality and craft, and that reputation is central to everything we do.

A little about myself.

That’s me, Gabriel, on a recent training trip to Tuscany - right at the moment I decided to turn a hobby and passion into what you see today at Shilling Leather. My career in International Business to date has taken me all over the world, spanning industries as diverse as tech, whiskey and tourism, but I’ve always dreamed of being able to make something by hand - something of value, quality and character, something that will last. And so, I'm trading the keyboard and spreadsheets for a chisel, hammer, needle and thread - and with your help, I hope to make that dream a reality. Thank you for your support and interest and be sure to follow the story on Instagram or get in touch here.

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."